Hello there! I am Mona, also known as MRSArtWrite. I have a really eclectic background so decided to share my experiences and learned lessons through a lifestyle blog. My life has been quite exquisite, rare, and beautiful. I grew up playing mahjong and video games. I then found billiards and spent several years competing in tournaments throughout Canada and the USA. Add to that a penchant for travel, a love of food, and my blog ideas came to life.

The G Words

My content reflects my life experiences, values, and passions. This is where my G Words come in: Gamer, Gal, Grand, and Goals. I like blogging on lighter topics such as restaurants to try, fun games to learn, lifestyle hacks, and budget tips. I also provide services in video and course creation. For pool players, I provide customized drills and strategies to improve performance and tournament outcomes.

Fun Things

Here are some fun things to know about me:

1 – my avatar has purple hair because I once was known for my purple hair

2 – I have the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS

3 – I was an extra in a movie that featured Michael Ironside

4 – Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica once wrote me a poem on a doily

5 – I name all of my houseplants


You can reach me at MRSArtWrite@gmail.com