A while ago, I blogged about participating in BC Hydro’s Team Power Smart program. This program incentivizes consumers to focus on reducing power consumption while learning more about energy savings measures. Through the program, they offer both individuals and businesses tips and motivation to reduce energy consumption. Today, I will update you on how I am progressing since joining.

The Peak Savers campaign

The events I joined are the Peak Savers campaigns. Peak Savers is their campaign to reduce energy consumption during peak hours. BC Hydro sends out emails to announce an upcoming event date. Each event has a set target with a small financial reward attached. For instance, if you reduce your energy consumption by 25% between the peak hours of 6-9 pm on November 13th, you will earn $3 as a reward.

My Results

There have been 11 peak saver events so far. The goal for each event was to reduce power consumption by at least 20%. I failed to reduce our energy by at least 20% in six of them although two of those events I got to 16% and 19%, so close! I was successful in the remaining events. There were a few times the reduction was over 70%. I am actually surprised by this! I tried everything at first and still failed so I did not believe I would be successful in any of the events.

Here is the chart of my results. Any decrease of 20% or more is a success and earned a $3 reward:

December 12
December 20
January 12
January 17
January 29
February 20
February 26
March 8
March 15
March 21
March 22

My Thoughts

Before starting the event, I reviewed BC Hydro’s energy savings tips. I focused on just a few approaches that I connected with. We stopped baking in the oven and focused on using our InstaPot, rice cooker, or frying pan. We choose different times to run the dishwasher or to do laundry.

The results timeline really motivates me to keep going with these events. I was surprised that my conscious efforts could make such a difference. In particular, I struggled in the beginning as I was very consciously trying to reduce power consumption. The results were coming back as failures despite my efforts. However, I kept to the habits I put in place for the program. I am very glad I did. Those new habits are now saving energy, and earning a small reward!

The Big Goal

The bigger goal is to reduce power consumption by 10% overall. The goal period is one year, finishing at the end of November 2024. The one year period will be compared to the power consumption of the year prior. I have a ways to go to meet my goal but the Peak Saver events show me that I can accomplish energy savings goals over time.

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