Interested in performing better in your sport or at work? This book review is on Bodyrhythms: Chronobiology and Peak Performance. Written by Lynne Lamberg, the book describes the rhythms we all have as humans and provides the key times to do tasks, sleep, and create. Master your waking and sleep cycle and organize your day to achieve peak performance.

My Interest

Seeking books on peak performance in sports and work, I found this book at the local library and could not put it down. I am well aware of the circadian rhythms recommended to ensure enough sleep. I was not aware of the deeper timeframes to function better at specific tasks throughout the day.

Lynne Lamberg

Lamberg is a medical journalist. She received numerous writing awards and authored other books on sleep and dreams. Her first book, The Guide to Better Sleep, was published in 1984. As a serious science writer, Lamberg attended science meetings, laboratories, and researched numerous articles.

Book Content

The book delves into the innate body clock we all possess. It outlines the research done into sleep and wake habits. Researchers studied people’s habits as they created their routines without access to any sense of time. Clocks, watches, and windows were removed. The book summarizes the different studies into the habits observed of the innate body clock demonstrated throughout the research.

It is fascinating to learn about how we naturally flow toward certain tasks depending on the time of day. It was also interesting to learn that we naturally choose a 25 hour day and have to learn how to reduce it down to 24 hours.

Impact on Performance

The book details out the best times of day to do specific tasks. For instance, it is best to hold a meeting at 11 am and to play sports at 5 pm. It then details out the science behind these timeframes.

I liked the information provided and will incorporate the researched timeframes into my approach to productivity, rest, sleep, and performance. I recommend renting this book from a library to review its contents as it is quite interesting.

I recommend purchasing the book if you want to understand and examine your own sleep and wake cycles. The book contains tests and charts to examine your cycles and offers multiple approaches to correcting a sleep and wake cycle that does not leave you rested or productive. It would be a great companion for a person wanting to change their sleep cycle to wake earlier or to get more sleep. The book might be a bit dry or science-based for anyone who prefers a self-help book. Lamberg also co-authored The Body Clock Guide to Better Health which is more in the self-help book style.

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Bodyrhythms: Chronobiology and Peak Performance

5 out of 5

Author: Lynne Lamberg
Published: November 1, 2000
by William Morrow & Company
ISBN: 0595147852

Amazon Rating
5 out of 5
Based on 1 rating

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