A real gem of a book, Essential Tennis delivers tons of insight, tips, and approaches to use to improve your tennis game. I am not a tennis player and I loved the book. The author, Ian Westermann, discusses the sports psychology behind peak performance in easy to understand terms. He provides clear steps to follow that can help you improve how you approach tennis, or any sport if you are inclined to make the adjustments mentally.

My Interest

When I was first developing my billiards game, I sought out books on sports psychology, performance habits, and sports routines. There were very few books written about billiards at the time so I instead researched other sports. I read numerous books on tennis, golf, equestrian sports, Olympic sports, and read numerous athlete biographies. I read all of the major works on sports psychology at the time.

My quest for The Grand now has me reading these types of books again. It was really fun for me to do it ages ago, and it is equally as fun to do it now. I was thrilled to pick up Essential Tennis as it brought me back to the comfort I found in my sports research when I first began playing pool.

Ian Westermann

Westermann began his coaching tennis full time at different private tennis clubs in the USA. He then went digital and launched Essential Tennis along with a podcast and YouTube videos. He holds the number one spot on iTunes for tennis podcasts. His tennis videos earned him the most subscribed channel on YouTube for tennis improvement. He graduated from a university tennis management program with a bachelors in business marketing.

He does a great job in creating a community around his book. His website provides videos, tips, and resources for the aspiring to serious tennis player. He has a few Facebook groups based around his work. He also takes on students and coaches them in his approach to tennis.

Book Content

The book is divided into three sections: the improvement process, on court, and the mental game. A tennis player can improve their game significantly following his formula. He breaks down the game into basic steps, and explains why you are not obtaining the results you seek.

As a non tennis player, I found valuable gems in sections one and three. Converting the tennis lingo over to apply to billiards, I agree with his approach and thought process. For the middle section, specifically focused on tennis drills, I appreciated his break down of ways to practice and how to approach the game. There are some points I flipped over to work for me in billiards. In fact, there is a practice approach for my billiards game I am creating based on Westermann’s approach to the tennis court!

Impact on Performance

Let me know what you think of this book! I already recommended the book to anyone close to me that plays tennis. I think it is a great companion for those who are serious about tennis.

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Essential Tennis

4.9 out of 5

Author: Ian Westermann
Published: May 31, 2022
by St. Martin’s Griffin
Page count: 336 pages
ISBN: 1250765234

Amazon Rating
4.9 out of 5
Based on 508 ratings

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