Improve Your Pool Game with Video Clips

I offer a few packages of video clips for you to hone in on aspects of your game. Clips are taken from a video of you playing a pool match. The match is watched several times repeatedly and clips are taken out, categorized by topic, and then edited to provide you with a concentrated shot of how you perform aspects of your game. You can review the videos as many times as you want to. You can have your pool coach watch the videos so they know what to help you with. Improve your pool game through focused video clips!

Let’s go through some of the topics to look at when breaking down your match into segments.

The Break

I can record the clips of all of your breaks from one match or several matches. Each clip will have the date attached so you can assess your performance over time. You will be able to quickly review all of your clips in one spot and assess different points including how often you scratch off the break, how many balls you make, and if you contact the rack well.

Run Outs – regardless of number of balls

Run outs, regardless of ball count, is any consecutive run completed to win a game. Many players, particularly beginners, push themselves to grow quickly so they can break and run full racks. The reality is that many games are won by running only 2 to 4 balls at most. By capturing all of your run outs, you can assess how many times you broke and ran to win, and how many times you sank only a few balls to win. Video clips in this category are titled based on how many balls you ran in a row to win the match. You may get a few videos of 3 ball run outs, a few of 5 balls, and a few of 7 balls for instance.

You can also choose to include failed run outs in the same method. The clips of a failed run out are so valuable for how much feedback they provide. They provide a map for you on how to improve your game. Want to improve? Set up the same pattern and attempt the run out using different patterns until you can consistently get out 80% of the time.

Here is a sample of a 3 ball run out clip:

The 3 ball run out clocked in at 1 minute and 5 seconds. This 5 ball run out clip is longer, taking up 2 minutes and 26 seconds. The length of your clip, or run out, does not affect the cost.

There is a huge benefit to segmenting out your runs, particularly if it ends up in a win, and tracking it over time. First, you get to see the amount of balls you can run, the cue ball control, and frequency of wins from runs improve over time. Second, it provides a realistic view of playing pool and winning matches. Many players get stuck on thinking you need to break and run every game to win. When you start to assess how many wins you achieved by running 2-5 balls, you will tend to go easier on yourself, feel more confident, and your win percentage will increase.

Kicks and Jumps

I will gather all the kicks or jumps from one match so you can assess your performance in this aspect of your game. Topics can include kicks, jumps, kick safe, jump safe, and kicks or jumps to practice. The last topic, kicks or jumps to practice, is to look at misses in this area. Don’t forget, there is no such thing as failure. A failed attempt is feedback. It is information to learn from. Watch it, analyze it, look for what and why it didn’t execute properly, and then set up that same shot based on the video and practice until you can hit it consistently.


I can make clips of some of the safeties played in your match. There are only 3 types of safeties I capture in clips: 1) a game winning safety, 2) a game losing safety, and 3) a safety that results in obtaining ball in hand. Here is a sample of a safety clip that I will capture:

There are safeties that I will not capture. Sometimes players get into a safety battle with many safeties going back and forth. My suggestion would be to just watch the video of that match without doing a special edit to look for every single safety. To attempt to capture clips from every safety play would be very time-consuming and would make the video clip very expensive as a result.

Focused Content on Shot Making

If there is a particular shot you want to focus on, let me know and I can scan your match for all shots of that nature. For instance, if you want to assess all of your draw shots, I can gather those. Other shots could be cut shots of a sharp angle, or shots where the cue ball is traveling more than 3 feet before contacting the object ball. I would need to know what shots you want to capture. If you are working on your draw shot for instance, I can review the matches you played in for the last 6 months and capture your draw shots from every match.


I offer a few packages so you can choose what is right for your needs. If you need something done specifically, feel free to reach out and I can do a customized package quote for you. The samples for each package can be viewed here:

Appearance options available – state your preference, aimed at viewing on a PC or tablet:

Prices will be posted soon or contact me at for details!