In my last blog post, I introduced Vision and Journey® through an interview with the founder, Vivian Kane. Now I will get into a bit more detail about the goal setting system offered by Vision and Journey®. What I love about this system is the walkthrough approach using their goal setting worksheet. This is a very valuable tool for people who are highly visual or for gamers like me who love walkthroughs! If you are confused as to what your goal is, and how to get there, this approach really helps. The system can handle simple or highly complex goals, making it good for both personal and business goals.

Lesson 1

In their free demo, you can walk through the first three lessons of their process. Lesson 1 walks you through the framework of the Vision and Journey® system using diagrams. It begins as many of us do when it comes to goal setting, just dreams and a blank page.

The framework then moves on through additional stages by asking you questions. All goals start with a dream or vision. It then assesses the problems to solve, and the specific results you are looking for. By the time you are halfway through the process, the framework looks like this:

Image provided by Vision and Journey®, reprinted with permission

As the framework continues to delve deeper, your worksheet becomes more filled out. You move on to address the specific results you want to achieve. By the time you are done, you will have a very thorough guide to follow. To summarize what you learn, the final portion of Lesson 1 walks you through a sample of their goal setting worksheet using a story.

Lesson 2

The demo page then takes you to Lesson 2 which has three videos. The videos introduce you to the ‘Work Tool‘, the ‘Check List‘, and the ‘Score Card‘. Going through these three videos illustrates how thorough this system is.

The Work Tool

The Work Tool gathers up all the information on your dreams, goals, and what matters most to you. It gets everything compiled together so you can visually see it all. If you are using the Vision and Journey® membership, you can save a downloadable PDF of the questions and answers. As you reflect more, you can also change your answers and save it on the system.

The Check List

Here is where you really start to see the magic in using this system. The Check List automatically brings in information from your Work Tool area. It then asks you to do a self-assessment questionnaire to further uncover your goals and the path to get there. The questionnaire is 10 questions and helps to narrow down your focus. The Check List is where you go from visualizing your goal to creating a strategy to achieve it. I love how it automatically does the background work for you. I have more than 30 journals of handwritten goals, issues, and pathways. To have all of that writing and effort simplified into a system that compiles your information is pretty darn cool.

The Score Card

The last video in the demo is the Score Card. The Score Card reviews your information and answers, then compiles a score. It creates a score out of 100 based on the information in the Work Tool and the Check List. This is an interesting concept for me as I do not do this in my own approaches to goal setting. I do appreciate it though, and the intention behind it. The goal is to get close to 90 in your score. If you are at 90, you are consistent in detailing your goal and the steps to get there. It shows you the areas where you are not consistent or need to do some work. It is a pretty fascinating concept.


I really appreciate the amount of work behind Vision and Journey®. I will detail out other goal setting methods I used in future blog posts. There will be none that go into the depth and detail that this system does. For people that want or need a walkthrough approach to goal setting, definitely check it out!

My perks and yours

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I am an affiliate of Vision and Journey®. As an affiliate, I may get a commission at no cost to you.

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