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How do you set your goals? Do you envision the outcome first or do you forecast out one, five, and ten year plans? Do you add pictures to your vision board and manifest your goal or do you use SMART goals? There are so many ways to pursue goals, and track your progress. There are so many steps to take from thinking of your goal through to achieving it. Where do you begin? In today’s blog post, I am interviewing Vivian Kane, the founder of the Vision and Journey® mentoring library. Vivian developed an entire system to help you achieve your goals! It helps you really focus on what matters. It is a total game-changer.

Our interview

MRSArtWrite: Let’s talk about Vision and Journey®. How would you describe it? Is it a goal setting website? Is it for figuring out what your goals are or what your vision is?

Vivian: Vision and Journey® trains you to become more effective at achieving any kind of goal. It does this by mentoring you in how to aim more precisely for what you really want to achieve, and then showing you how to hold that aim steady while you navigate the path to the goal.

By doing this, you eliminate work that is not essential; reduce work effort, cost and time to get to the goal; decrease the complications, obstacles and risks along the way; and increase your likelihood of success.

In short, instead of trying to do 100% of the tasks you think are needed to achieve your goal, you focus on the 3% that actually determine success.

MRSArtWrite: What got you interested in making a highly detailed goal setting website? What or who was your inspiration?

Vivian: At the time I started on this Journey, I was aware that people, businesses and governments had a dismal success rate for pursuing important goals (in business, “executing on strategy”) and achieving their target results – well over a 90% failure rate.

I saw this up close in a large project for a big client. The goal was very exciting and would have been great for the business, society, and all countries. But so many people could not focus on the essentials, and kept pouring their energies into efforts that did not lead to the target results.

I decided I was going to find out why they were doing this, and find a way to solve that.

MRSArtWrite: The process of using the Vision and Journey website seems very detailed. How long does it usually take to go through all the questions?

Vivian: The questions are prompts. You don’t answer them in the same way you would with a form or template.

Vision and Journey® is a brain-training method and system. It is training your creativity, strategic and tactical thinking, your focus, discipline, discernment, and a lot of other critical skills.

You follow the live mentoring which will be underway by early 2024, and use the videos for review. You reflect on what it asks you to consider (which can be quite profound), and fill in the questions as your ideas develop and become clear.

Sometimes, it can take quite a while to bring your goal into sharp focus, and to know exactly what you need and want to achieve — how much time depends on how well you know yourself and your goal.

That is why Vision and Journey® provides the web-apps – which you access on desktop, tablet or phone. You need quick access to capture ideas when they come to you. Afterwards, you can reflect on them when it is convenient. You may need to investigate, and do other things that affect your direction and decisions.

Eventually, as you work with your ideas, new insights and decisions emerge and show you what direction you really want to take, and why. You start to see a precise picture of what you really need and want to do, and you have discarded a lot of non-essentials.

Only then should you take action to achieve your goal.

MRSArtWrite: How would someone prepare to do the questionnaire? Should they think about their long-term goals and visions, or should they just attempt the questionnaire without preparing for it?

Vivian: You should just watch the demo videos so you have some basic understanding of how the apps work, and some of the tools we may bring up in a mentoring session. Then just join the session and get started. It’s different for everyone.

MRSArtWrite: This is quite different than just setting a SMART goal or setting a short, medium, and long-term goal. Would you agree? Or would you use Vision and Journey® to set short, medium and long-term goals?

Vivian: Vision and Journey® can help you set and achieve goals of any size or complexity, in any aspect of your life, business or the world. For example, I apply what it teaches to create a recipe or to organize some aspect of my daily life. But I also apply it to major life goals and to huge initiatives for clients.

MRSArtWrite: If someone wanted to get into a lot more detail with their goals and vision, can they do 1:1 sessions with you?

Vivian: I do take on 1:1 sessions with private clients for those wanting to get more detailed.

MRSArtWrite: Sounds great! Thanks for spending the time with us today to discuss Vision and Journey®.

If you are interested in Vivian’s approach, you can watch her free videos to check out to see if the Vision and Journey® approach works for you. She goes into quite a lot of detail on her demo page which contains a lot of content on her approach to goal setting.

My perks and yours

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