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BC Hydro has incentivized its consumers to partake in lowering energy while learning more about energy savings measures. They offer both individuals and businesses tips and motivation to reduce energy consumption. I joined Team Power Smart and will discuss this campaign as well as some of their other offers in today’s blog post. Even if you don’t live in British Columbia, you can learn about energy savings tips. They have too many tips for me to discuss them all but I will discuss a few!

The Challenge

Joining Team Power Smart signs you up to earn $50 if you reduce your energy consumption over the next year by 10%. They look at your bill from last year and show your progress as the year moves forward. If you join up before January 31, 2024, your reward doubles to $100 instead of $50!

I like this campaign! It caught my attention right away and motivated me to get on board. This is going to be extra challenging for my household this year. My husband now works from home. Together, we use more energy than last year. This is already increasing our energy consumption and our power bill. Instead of reducing our energy consumption by 10%, we will need to focus on reducing it by 20-25%.

Peak Savers

To meet our goal, I joined us up for their Peak Savers campaign. I also review the tips on reducing energy consumption. Peak Savers is their campaign to reduce energy consumption during peak hours. BC Hydro sends out emails to announce an upcoming event date. Each event has a set target with a small financial reward attached. For instance, if you reduce your energy consumption by 25% between the peak hours of 6-9 pm on November 13th, you will earn $3 as a reward.

I like using the Peak Savers program to reach our 20% goal because the small one day events remind me of the steps I can take to reduce power consumption throughout the year. BC Hydro is moving towards an optional rating plan in the later half of 2024. This new plan will offer consumers savings if they use power overnight or during off peak hours. The peak hours of 4 to 9 pm flood the power grid and make it harder to provide power to everyone. Activities such as running the dishwasher are best done either before 4 pm or after 9 pm.

BC Hydro explains Team Power Smart

Energy Savings Tips

BC Hydro has a large amount of energy savings tips. They break it down by category first and then get into details within that category. The categories they list are: heating and cooling, electronics, kitchen, laundry, lighting, and water. Tips include using smaller appliances instead of baking in the oven, compile laundry based on thickness of items or do full loads, using light dimmers, and enabling power-saving settings on your computers.

My Favourite Tip

The tip I enjoyed reading the most is super simple. Turn down the thermostat whenever you are cooking. It makes sense and seems so simple. Yet, I never think about it when I am cooking. I get involved in reading the recipe, cutting ingredients, and preheating the oven. I do try to use smaller appliances instead of the oven whenever I can. I did not connect the thermostat and the heat generated by cooking before. Reading that tip, I feel I should have thought of it before. Sometimes all we need is to think of small little tips to open our eyes to new possibilities of saving money, conserving energy, and helping the planet.

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