In my post, Playing Mahjong Online, I discussed playing on MahjongTime. In that post, I demonstrated how to make an All Pong Hand. If you are not at the level where this feels comfortable yet, you can practice making pongs first. In today’s post, I am going to share videos on how to get into practice games on MahjongTime, and how to practice making pongs.

Introduction to MahjongTime

In this video, I give an introduction to MahjongTime. I will explain why it is a good learning platform for mahjong, and how to use it.

Getting into the Practice Area

Check out this clip if you can’t find the practice area:

Practice Pongs

Review this video to find out how to practice making pongs.

Learning Mahjong

There are many ways to learn how to play mahjong. Aside from learning from family or friends, you can attend a community center class or at the university. If you want to take a course on how to play, check out my mahjong courses at

About MahjongTime

The demonstrations in my courses on how to play mahjong use the games I play from MahjongTime. It is a great way to break down what is happening while I am playing. You can set up a private game where your friends, from anywhere in the world, can play mahjong with you on the platform.

There is no cost to join MahjongTime. You do not have to sign up for their premium or VIP plans to use the platform. It is best to download the Epoch version instead of playing the online version. The Epoch version is very good for simulating play. It is also a far superior experience to just playing their online app. I find it really helps to have an online platform to play on and practice. In person get togethers have changed so much over the past few years.

If you want to sign up for MahjongTime, my sign up link is here: I am an affiliate of MahjongTime so if you happen to upgrade to a paid plan, and used my link to join, I may receive a small portion of the sign up fee. Prior to becoming an affiliate, I used MahjongTime for several years. I find it to be a really good platform for people to play, practice, and build skills. They have fun games and tournaments for when you want to try your skills against other players.

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