Customized Billiard Drills

There are many ways to improve your pool game. You can watch videos, practice drills you read in a book, talk to local players, and make improvements using those methods. You may eventually get to a point where you can’t move up any higher. There is a point of development that requires customized practice to get better results. I create customized billiard drills based on your current skillset and needs.

Customized Practice To Get Results

Here is the trick to improving your game with billiard drills and practice: you have to know who you are, what works for you, and what works against you. I am not you, nobody is. What works for me or the top player in your region might not work for you, your game, and your physique. It may be about practicing a certain drill to improve cue ball control, or it might be about a mental technique you need to explore to get over the jitters. It might also be about no longer practicing a set drill you are doing if it creates failure and frustration. I have a lot of tools I used in my own game that I can customize for you. I also have a lot of resources I tried and used through the years I can point out and share with you.

Mental Strategy

As an accomplished player who won multiple tournaments while managing multiple concussions and disabilities, my mental game had to be extremely strong to play pool. My accomplishments came after my mental game became personalized and routine. Interested in developing your mental game? Get in touch and I can create a customized program for you to follow.

About Me

When I was building my game for tournaments at the amateur and semi-pro levels, I was playing 60 hours a week! I had some good finishes in tournaments, and cracked off some great wins at the local, national, and international levels. My billiard drills were the key to success.

Due to my disability, I reduced playing significantly in 2006. I ventured out a little bit in 2010 and 2011 to test my physical endurance. In 2014, I played a couple of events and then stopped playing for several years, until now. I am starting to pick up the game again and it is really exciting. There are many new faces, new technology, new game approaches, and new tournaments to try out. It is a really exciting time for the pool community!

If you are interested in investing in yourself and your pool game, check out my billiards resume here and get in touch if you would like me to customize a practice routine for you.